I want to work for a big company because there’s lots of room to grow.”

Bigger is not always better. While there are many more positions at large companies, those positions are well defined and leave little room for branching out. Smaller companies come with flexible roles that allow for more exploration and opportunities. For instance, many of our Project Assistants, Management Support Specialists, and Administrative Assistants have developed into Property Managers, Regional Property Managers and other leaders in the business.

Growth is the product of opportunity. Opportunity that may not present itself at a larger company. At big companies, employees are often viewed as their job description and little more. At smaller businesses, like UCH, we hire people, not positions. The chances of your talents being recognized, utilized, and ultimately valued are much higher.

Most of the time, career development is the means to affecting direct change. At larger companies, you do have to climb the ladder to have a seat at the table. At smaller companies, you are already in the room, you just have to pull up a seat. We are better able to take a pulse on the entirety of the business rather than just a select sector. On average, this enables more employee engagement that leads to direct change.