Alison Prager has been the HR Coordinator at UCH for a year and a half and has quickly cemented herself as a key part of the team. She is committed to UCH employees and their success and works hard to make sure that their experience is personalized and positive. We sat down with Alison to learn more about her, HR, and her career at UCH.

She began her human resources journey in college, where she minored in HR.

“At the end of college, I realized that I wanted to go into this industry. I took a few courses about dealing with situations in the workplace and I found it really interesting. Plus, my sister is actually in HR so I got to see what she did with her career. I found it fascinating, the way she got to deal with people within her organization and manage relationships.”

Alison graduated in the pandemic and after a year with a recruiting firm, she landed at UCH.

“I found UCH and it was kind of perfect. I was looking for this specific job, so I feel like the stars aligned and it was the perfect fit. I like that it is family-oriented and that we really care about our staff. It’s such a unique company with really good leadership and I don’t think you’ll find that elsewhere.”

In her time at UCH, Alison has become a key part of employee initiatives and events. This year alone the HR team spearheaded a kickball tournament, multiple holiday raffles, and a company wide teams’ day.

“It’s one of my favorite parts of my job. I’ve gotten good feedback from employee events and maintenance gift bags. The employees seem to be appreciative of what we do and makes all the effort worth it.”

Alison is eager to keep moving the needle forward.

“I’m just excited to see what my future at UCH will be. I am definitely passionate about what I do and I am excited to grow at this company.”