Kyle Rosa started at UCH’s Campus division over 30 years ago. He began as a temporary gate attendant parking cars during move-in. His infectious personality was quickly noticed and he was transferred to leasing. While leasing in the campus division, his aptitude for computers and technical matters led him to work with accounts receivable and begin his foray into software. When the time came for UCH to move from a mainframe terminal to a software based system, he single-handedly built UCH’s first network. Today, Kyle is the IT Director and continues to update, maintain, and oversee all of UCH’s technical needs. His day to day ranges from resetting a laptop to curing major network outages, sometimes from an airplane!

No one hesitates to call Kyle with a question or issue, as he makes everyone feel comfortable and is always happy to share his knowledge. Most recently, he was lending his expertise to Rubrik security company. His enthusiasm quickly brightens your day. Perhaps Campus Regional, Bill Groves, says it best:
“Kyle makes UCH a fun place to work because he’s always there for all of us. Despite all the pressure on him to keep our network together, he has always been super cheerful, helpful, and forgiving. I can’t imagine a UCH without Kyle and his support.”

We are so grateful to have Kyle as a member of the UCH Family. He has been, and continues to be, a key part of our growth and success. Cheers to 30 years, Kyle, we are excited to celebrate many more!