Kathy Cantu recently celebrated her 25th anniversary of working for UCH at Delaire Landing Apartments! In that time, she has risen from leasing consultant to property manager and maintained high occupancy rates, an efficient team, and satisfied residents. Recently, Marketing Support Manager, Taylor Osorio, had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy about her impressive career.

“Hi Kathy, it’s Taylor. Is now still a good time for our interview?”

“Absolutely. I’m ready!” she says kindly.

“Great! Well, first of all, congratulations on your 25th workiversary! Have you been at Delaire Landing this whole time?”

“Yes. I started as a leasing agent back in the ‘90s. Delaire had just changed into a part condo, part rental community and it was at 60% occupancy. My friend called me and asked if I wanted to help lease up a property in Philly. I came here and saw the river view and thought, ‘This is Philadelphia?’ I’ve been here ever since.”

“What would you say has changed since you first started?”

“Oh, everything. In those days it was like, ‘Internet who?’ I don’t even remember having a computer in the beginning; everything was done by hand. We typed our leases on a typewriter!”

We both laugh and it strikes me that this is the reason for Kathy’s success. Within minutes she is able to establish a rapport and make you feel like you’re chatting with an old friend.

“How would you describe your job as property manager?”

“Well, I do everything here. I lease. I’m the maintenance coordinator. My hands are in everything. I have a company that’s here to support me if I need it, but mostly I get to be in my own little world. I really like that.”

As we wrap up our conversation, I ask, “What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?”

“The most rewarding part? I think that we can help people. Someone may be in desperate need of an apartment or transitioning out of a difficult time and we are able to help them.”

And that is why we all do it, I suppose. From porters to executives and everything in between, we’re all just trying to help and bring happiness to our residents and teammates.

You can find Kathy at Delaire Landing’s Leasing Office, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. She’s always happy to have a chat with a soon-to-be-friend!