Jazmine Wright has been a Maintenance Technician at Summit Park Communities for three years. A graduate of Orleans Technical College, she started at UCH right out of school. 

“When I researched UCH, I could tell that they weren’t just about the business bottom line. They cared about residents not only living somewhere safe, but enjoying where they lived.”

Jazmine takes pride in her work and believes that is the key to succeeding in a male dominated industry.

 “It was the women in my family who were the fixers, not the men. My favorite part is working with my fellow techs. They are always willing to teach me. They’re really patient with me and I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here.”

Although she can do it all, Jazmine’s favorite part of maintenance is electrical work.

“There’s so much structure and it is kind of like a puzzle. Plus, that’s what I’m best at.” She laughs. “So, I’m not sure if it’s my favorite because it’s what I’m best at or if I’m best at it because it’s my favorite.”

Her advice to other women who want to become Maintenance Technicians?

“When you focus on quality of work, everything falls into place. If you come and you do your job, they’ll accept you.”