Ivy Anderson came to UCH with over a decade of accounting experience and has been a tremendous asset to our company.

“I started my career as an administrator and then moved into accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Accounts receivable is where I excelled. I’ve always loved numbers and I always wanted to do something that involved customer service. I get joy out of being able to help someone.”

Joining UCH in 2011 as an Accounts Receivable Representative, Ivy was promoted to Accounts Receivable Supervisor in 2019. As a supervisor, it’s Ivy’s job to ensure her department is operating as efficiently as possible. She keeps a pulse on the tasks of each AR rep, delegates work accordingly, and ensures that all billing, collections, and reporting are completed in a timely fashion.

When asked about any challenges she faces as a woman in Accounting, Ivy responded “I haven’t had any. I do see within this field there are lots of women in managing positions, which is very inspiring to me which makes me want to achieve and go after more.”

Her advice for other women who want to be Accounts Receivable Supervisors?
“If the opportunity is there, go for it. I feel in any position, no matter how long you’ve been in it, you should challenge yourself to do more and not be complacent.”