Amanda Hewitt wants to find you the perfect home. As Salem Harbour’s Leasing Manager, it’s Amanda’s job to manage a team of Leasing Consultants. Together, they are responsible for the occupancy of 800 apartments and the happiness of over 1,500 residents. As a real estate agent turned Leasing Manager, Amanda has always been passionate about helping others.
“I first started in the food and beverage industry. I did everything from bartending to management. Then, I got my real estate license. It was a weird natural progression that I landed at Salem Harbour. It mashed everything that I love: events, real estate, and customer service.”
Amanda started at UCH in 2017. “I was a little hesitant at first coming into it because I’d never done leasing. But, during the interview process, I talked to the Managing Director and she made me feel so welcomed. Then, being onsite during training, I felt comfortable enough to lean into it.”
In her five years at UCH, she’s gotten to know a lot about her team, her region, and the company overall.
“UCH values their employees, especially women, that’s what I love about UCH. I think they’ve created such a great work environment because of the people that they choose to lead. UCH values communication and doesn’t push you too far.”
What is your advice for other women who want to become Leasing Managers?
“Stand your ground and be confident. Out there, it is a man’s world, but if you’re confident with what you do, and you surround yourself with supportive people, you’ll always succeed.”