If you have a question, call Alex Love. Officially, she’s the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. Unofficially, she’s the Siri of UCH.

“I act as gatekeeper, that’s how I like to put it. I’m lucky enough to work out of our executive office which means you get to touch everything. I love that I get to work with everyone in the company.”

Alex started at UCH in 2019 after moving to Philadelphia from Texas. Her background is in customer service, from HR to hospitality, but she’s always found herself as the right-hand woman for a company leader.

“I like to stay organized and keep other people’s days in order. I like being that person that someone can rely on.”

Alex has lived and worked in four different states and across several different fields. She’s not afraid to take a risk and try something new. So what keeps her at UCH?

“Honestly, my coworkers. I feel like I have a pretty solid support system here, whether that’s work related or sometimes personal related, everyone here has always been welcoming and you can see that with a lot of the employees who have been here long term. They know UCH in a way that you can’t when you first start.”

Her advice for other women who want to be Executive Assistants?

“I think listening and observing is really important. Depending on your role as an Executive Assistant, most of the time you have your one person that you work under. Knowing what they need and what works for them is important. Also, be patient. There is a little bit of a grace period where you’re kind of figuring things out.”