Let’s face it: our social skills are a bit dusty. And it makes sense! Water cooler chit chat was a little difficult when only one person was allowed in the break room at once. Now, as many companies return to fully in-person work models, employees are seeking the camaraderie that was lost behind laptops for so long.
Office rapport doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, returning to basics can be just as beneficial as implementing fancy new modules and workshops. We encourage you to start simple and test out these tips:

    1. No One Can Resist a Snack

      Never underestimate the power of food. It is the rare person who can resist fresh doughnuts or a salty snack. Food is a great way to bring your team together and encourage a team-building break with a finite beginning and end.

    2. One Quick Game?

      Having an ongoing game in the office encourages positive office culture and is a welcome brain break, especially for those in the creative & strategic sectors. Having a game of hangman or guess who in the corner of your whiteboard helps not only with team engagement, but with interdepartmental relationships as well.

    3. Always Hit Your HGTs

      Every day, make sure you say your Hellos, Goodbyes, & Thank Yous. The concept is simple, but goes a long way in the midst of a busy workplace. You will be shocked how much camaraderie you will build just by saying “Hello” in the morning, “Goodbye” in the evening, and “Thank You” throughout the day.